Charles University of Prague

The Charles University in Prague (CUNI) is an autonomous public University with 16 faculties in the Czech Republic. First Faculty of Medicine provides undergraduate studies (medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, health care management, etc.) as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies and  University of the Third Age courses.

Its scientific output and outstanding academic education profile ranks First Faculty of Medicine among the most prestigious educational institutions in the country.

Social and clinical gerontology education and research is realized through Department of Geriatrics. This site serves as research and teaching centre in geriatric medicine, geriatric nursing, elderly care and gerontology in the country and is involved in clinical and health service research. The centre is a member of the IAGG Global Aging Research Network.


Qualified person:

Prof. Eva Topinková, MD

PhD Full Professor of Internal Medicine/Geriatrics and Public Health Head

Type academiciens: