Transfer of the innovative and successful French good practice (ALOHA platform) to Portugal

Auteur : elisio.costa
Publié le : 29/11/2016

Nonadherence to medical plans is recognized as a public health problem, and a challenge for researchers and health care providers, since efforts and interventions to promote adherence appeared to be ineffective. Nonadherence to medical plans is felt at every level of the population, but particularly in older adults due to the high number of coexisting chronic diseases and geriatric syndromes and the consequent polypharmacy. This is particularly pertinent for vaccination of seniors and high risk groups of patients. For instance whereas the WHO recommend a vaccine coverage rate against influenza of 75% for seniors, health care workers and patients with chronic diseases; however in Portugal only 49.4% of seniors have been vaccinated in 2015.

Recently, the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) through Scale AHA (support to the scaling up of innovations in Active and Healthy Ageing), which aims to accelerate the scaling-up of innovative approaches and practices in Active and Healthy Ageing, launched a call for twinning projects for EIP on AHA Reference Sites. In this call, Porto4ageing (Metropolitan Region of Porto, Portugal) and the Gérontopôle Autonomie Longévité des Pays de la Loire reference sites were granted to transfer the innovative and successful French good practice (ALOHA initiative) to Portugal.

ALOHA platform integrates an innovative e-health expert system for the prevention of infectious diseases in seniors over 50 with or without non-communicable chronic diseases, thus reducing the burden of such diseases. This initiative aims to provide a web portal to inform, educate and engage seniors and healthcare professionals on prevention (vaccination, nutrition, physical activity, controlled used of antibiotics), providing tools for personal and tailored recommendations, in order to empower users and enable them to make correct and good preventive choices. Under this Twinning Scheme, it is proposed to implement this platform, following the same abovementioned principles.

The main objective of this Twinning Scheme is to adopt and implement this successful good practice to Portugal, which will greatly benefit seniors. Moreover, the fact that two Reference Sites are working together and exchanging practices will strengthen their relationship, which may lead to further joint ventures and collaborations. Thus, under this scheme, it is aimed to enable patients to have a more active and healthy life, through the implementation of an innovative ICT-based solution.