ISGlobal, Barcelona Institute for Global Health

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health, ISGlobal, is the fruit of an innovative alliance between academic, government, and philanthropic institutions to contribute to the efforts undertaken by the international community to address the challenges in global health.

ISGlobal has successfully consolidated a cutting-edge cluster of research expertise with capacity to address health challenges with a strong focus on their environmental determinants. With the rapid increase in the elderly population globally, a major item in the health agenda is addressing the specific needs of this group. This requires a number of major efforts on several fronts: determining the required interventions, setting up the corresponding policy, making available user-friendly implementing tools and, key to the whole exercise, providing the information required.  This can be achieved by the use of appropriately designed platforms to educate health professionals as well as civil society and in particular the older population.

Qualified person:

Teresa Aguado de Ros

Independent vaccines and immunization consultant and a Senior Advisor to the Barcelona Institute for Global Health

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