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Gilles Berrut - Gérontopôle Autonomie Longévité des Pays de la Loire

President of Gerontopole, Prof. Gilles Berrut is the Chief of geriatric medicine department of the University of Nantes. He is medical expert in neurocognitive disorders and Vice-President of the French Society of Geriatry and Gerontology and chief redactor of a journal indexed in Medline. (Geriatrie, Psychologie et NeuroPsychiatrie du Vieillissement)


Jean-Pierre ChanodXEROX Research Centre Europe

Jean-Pierre Chanod is the area manager of the Parsing and Semantics research group and principal scientist at XRCE. He joined XRCE in 1993, was previously area manager for Entreprise Architecture. His main research interests range from natural language processing to semantic modelling and process modelling. He has been actively involved in international research collaborations, in Europe and Asia, including through a number of French national projects and EU-funded projects such as TwentyOne, Elsnet, Elsnet-Goes-East, STEEL, and the integrated EU projects VIKEF (2004-2007), SHAMAN (2008-2011) , MOBiNET (2013-2017), PERICLES (2013-2017). Before joining XRCE in 1993, Jean-Pierre Chanod was project leader at the IBM Paris scientific centre. Jean-Pierre graduated from Ecole normale supérieure (mathematics) in 1980.


Gaetan GavazziGrenoble Alpes University 

Full professor and hospital practitioner at the University Hospital Center of Grenoble. He is also lecturer in geriatrics at the University of Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyon and Paris. His research activities are related to the infectiology in the seniors, the impact of stress in the ageing process and the frailty mechanisms. He had been expert in a European study on the prevalence of infectious diseases related to healthcare and antibiotics administration in organisations in charge of chronic diseases (étude HALT, coordinated by the Institute of Public Health of Brussels). He was or is member of several National groups to elaborate recommendation in infectious diseases and Infection control, and member of National Public Health organisations (HSCP and INVS). Since 2010, he has been co-founder of the national intergroup of the Society of Infectious diseases of French Language and the French Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology. Since 2012, he has an active role in the ESCMID (European society of clinical and microbiology and Infectious diseases) study group “infection in elderly”, and is the leader of the Vaccine group of EUGMS ( European union of geriatric medicine societies).


Jean-Louis Koeck - SYADEM / mesvaccins.net

He is a Medical doctor, Professor of Microbiology and Epidemiology at the French military school of medicine, associate professor in the University of Bordeaux and at the University Senghor (Alexandria, Egypt). Director of the Clinical Laboratory and Director of the Travel Clinic at the Robert Picqué Military Hospital (Bordeaux) and President of the Association “Groupe d’Etudes en Préventologie”. Member of the French Vaccine Advisory Committee. He devised a new concept of online expert system directly updated by specialists. He participates to the development of a smart, web-based, universal electronic immunisation record shared between patients and health professionals.


Patrice Martin - Q3

CMO. MBA graduate from EM Lyon Business School. Co-founder of Q3. Born in 1969. Previously CEO of Quartier d’Eté (Award winning Marketing Agency). He has been specializing in Advocacy Marketing since 2009. He won 6 national marketing awards and 1 international marketing award in 2010 (“Gold Wommy Award given by the World of Mouth Marketing Association - based in the USA). 


Sibilia Quilici - Sanofi Pasteur MSD

She is Health Policy Deputy Director at Sanofi Pasteur MSD (SPMSD) at European level. Economist and Statistician by background she started as a consultant in Health Economics and Outcomes Research in the UK for 5 years. In parallel, she taught economic evaluation in health and statistical techniques at the French National School of Statistics (ENSAI) as an external consultant. Sibilia joined SPMSD in 2008 as a health economist, evaluating assessment methodologies and economic value of vaccines. In 2012, after a 1-year international MBA, she joined back SPMSD in the Health Policy Department. She uses her competences in economics combined with planning & decision making in an international environment to develop public-private partnerships to emphasize the importance of the value of health and prevention in Europe.





Cornel Sieber - Institute for Biomedicine of Aging / Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Prof. Cornel Sieber is the chair of the Institute for Biomedicine of Aging [IBA] under the faculty of medicine of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg. He is since April 2013 also Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the “Barmherzige Brüder”[ Hospital St. John of]. This clinical position is heading the Department of Angiology, Diabetology, Endocrinology, Nephrology and Geriatrics (acute care, orthogeriatrics, day hospital, rehabilitation). He serves as member in several international and national councils and association. He is present elect of the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM) Inner medicine of Germany (2018), and he was president of the German Society of Geriatrics (DGG). He is former president of the European Academy for Medicine of Ageing (EAMA). He was president of the German Society of Geriatrics (2005-2008), German Society of Nutritional Medicine (DGEM).



Ellen Freiberger - Institute for Biomedicine of Aging / Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Prof. Ellen Freiberger's main research interest are in complex geriatric exercise intervention for fall prevention, physical function in frail older persons, as well as geriatric assessment. She serves as an editorial board member for the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity which is peer-reviewed. She is also a member of the Steering committee of EUNAAPA (European Network on Action for Aging and Physical Activity) since 2006. She is at present responsible with EUNAAPA SC members for distributing the recommendation of physical activity dissemination called the “Rome Statement”. She was also an associated member of the PROFANE group. She was PI in several national multicentre studies (e.g. PREFALL) and serves as a member of the national initiative for fall prevention. She is responsible in Germany for creating and dissemination of educational curricula on fall prevention for different professionals (physiotherapists, health care, sport therapists). She has together with her co-worker Dr. Daniel Schoene published a book (with a CD) for fall prevention exercise instructors and their education.





James Goodwin - Loughborough University

Chief Scientist for an international charity for older people and a professor of the physiology of ageing in the Centre for Environmental Ergonomics at LU. High level executive experience in international bodies such as UN, WHO, G8 Summits, etc. and adviser/consultant to UK Government departments, US Congress, learned societies and universities in UK, Europe and USA. An expert in the evaluation of research impact and knowledge translation, appointed by HEFCE in the UK as a national impact assessor. Wide experience in European funded projects, including Innolife (KIC) and FUTURAGE.















Elisio Manuel de Sousa Costa - Porto4Ageing / UCIBIO / REQUIMTE / University of Porto

Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences of the Faculty of Pharmacy of  the University of Porto and researcher in the Research Unit on Applied Molecular Biosciences of the same institution (UCIBIO). He is a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) on the Action Group A1 on Adherence to Prescription and Medical Plans, being the co-coordinator of one of the objectives of this Action Group. Moreover, he is the scientific coordinator of the EIP-AHA two-starred Reference Site Porto4Ageing. He is author of more than 150 publications (orcid.org/0000-0003-1158-1480) and has collaborated in national and international research projects in the field of chronic diseases, namely chronic kidney disease and ageing. He is also the coordinator of UPAgeing NetWork – a competence center of the University of Porto, which aims to work as a convergence center of all the skills and knowledge of the University in the field of ageing.




Tamme Minnema - Tizin Mobile

Technical project leader and architect


Gerjan Navis - University Medical Center Groningen

She is internist-nephrologist, professor of Experimental Nephrology and professor od Nutrition in Medicine has an outstanding track record as a translational and clinical scientist, and in cross-disciplinary education initiatives. She was a founder of the Lifelines cohort, and was/is involved in national (a.o. TIFN) and international EU consortia as partner (a.o. Predictions, Priority) or coordinator (Genecure). She runs a large research group, (co-) authored over 500 peer-reviewed papers, and was/is member of advisory boards on research and on health policy, including the prestigious VICI scheme (chair until 2013), and the Health Council of the Netherlands (2013-current).





Susanna Esposito - WAidid

Italian leading expert on vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases who has coordinated several guidelines and Consensus documents on vaccine use in different groups of patients, associate Professor at UMIL, Milan, Italy, she is currently President of the World Association for Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders (WAidid). She is also President of the WHO Committee for measles and rubella eradication and Chair of the Vaccines Group of the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (EVASG). She has been coordinating the guidance for vaccination in adult age on behalf of different scientific societies. She has been International Editor of The Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal (since 2005), Associate Editor of BMC Infectious Diseases (since 2009), Associate Editor of Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics (since 2010), Associate Editor of Journal of Clinical Virology (since 2012) and Editorial Board Member of PLOS One (since 2013). She has coordinated and has been involved in several EU-funded projects which deal with infectious diseases.





Eva Topinková - Charles University of Prague

Full professor of Internal Medicine/Geriatrics and Public Health at Charles University, she is currently a Chair of Department of Geriatrics at Charles University in Prague, Director of Postgraduate Taining Program in Geriatrics at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Institute of Postgraduate Education Health Care in Prague. As a teacher and faculty, she is coordinating pre- and post-graduate studies in Geriatric medicine and Gerontology. She serves as Chair of PhD program in Gerontology at Charles University. She is a member of several professional organizations: Czech Medical Association, Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics - Board Member and Scientific Secretary (2001-2015), vice-president (2015-), Czech Society of Internal Medicine – member (1982- ), National Coordinating Board for Disabled Persons 2003- 2004, International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology – European Region (IAGG-ER) Secretary General (2003-7), President, Clinical Section (2007-2014, 2015- immediate past president), Geriatric Medicine Section UEMS, European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS),European network „Centers of Excellence -GERONTONET“ in aging research, and in international research consortium „interRAI“, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Internal Grant Agency Ministry of Health CR (Committee No. 12, 2005-2015), Grant Agency for Health Care Research “Age related diseases” (2014 -), Chair of the Accreditation Committee for Geriatric Medicine, Ministry of Health, CR 2007-15, Board Member of the National Board Certification Committee for Geriatric Medicine (2005 -). 





Teresa Aguado de Ros - ISG Global

M. Teresa Aguado is a former member of the World Health Organization (WHO).  She supervised and managed an extensive portfolio of vaccinesAssessment of state of the art of global efforts, agenda setting for a number of vaccines, establishment of preferred product profiles, and coming up with innovative approaches for developing, improving or delivering vaccines were major undertakings of her group for many years. In recent years new focused initiatives were also hosted in her team like a novel project under her direct leadership, whose goal was to improve adult and elderly immunization. M. Teresa Aguado is at present an independent vaccines and immunization consultant and a Senior Advisor to the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal). Her major interest is to keep working on immunization beyond infancy as a life-course approach, addressing vaccination needs and opportunities for adolescents, pregnant women, young adults and elderly population.