Consortium & Partners

ALOHA is a Pan-European Consortium supporting the prevention of infectious diseases in seniors

The Consortium, named ALOHA-EU (Acting for LOngevity and Healthy Ageing at European level), is composed of :

Twenty two Public-Private Partners spread across 10 European : France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia. 

The partners represents

  • Region / cities
  • Hospitals/care organisations
  • Industry organisations
  • Start-ups
  • research and innovation organisations

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health, ISGlobal, is the fruit of an innovative alliance between academic, government, and philanthropic institutions to contribute to the efforts undertaken by the international community to address the challenges in global health.

ISGlobal has successfully consolidated a cutting-edge cluster of research expertise with capacity to address health challenges with a strong focus on their environmental determinants. With the rapid increase in the elderly population globally, a major item in the health agenda is addressing the specific needs of this group. This requires a number of major efforts on several fronts: determining the required interventions, setting up the corresponding policy, making available user-friendly implementing tools and, key to the whole exercise, providing the information required.  This can be achieved by the use of appropriately designed platforms to educate health professionals as well as civil society and in particular the older population.

Qualified person:

Teresa Aguado de Ros

Independent vaccines and immunization consultant and a Senior Advisor to the Barcelona Institute for Global Health

The Institute for Biomedicine of Aging is part of the Department of Inner Medicine.
The IBA includes also the only chair in Germany for diet and nutrition in older person with special focus on malnutrition. Prof. Dr. Dorothee Volkert holds the chair for diet and nutrition. Furthermore, the IBA also includes basic science with experience in experimental research.
In addition, integrated into the IBA is the research area physical activity and aging under the lead of PD Dr. Ellen Freiberger.


Qualified person:

Cornel Sieber

Full Professor (tenure) for Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Director Institute of Biology of Aging IBA) Nürnberg

Ellen Freiberger

Associate Professor

Our domains of research stretch from social sciences to artificial intelligence.

We have internationally renowned expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, ethnography as well as data, service and process modelling.

Our research is regularly recognized and awarded in international scientific conferences and industry forums. The centre has a strong portfolio of patents and publications.

Our domains of application include Smart Cities, e-Health, Personalized Health, Robotics, Creative Industries, e-Infrastructures, Collaborative Platforms, e-Science, e-Government.


Qualified person:

Jean-Pierre CHANOD

Principal Scientist & Area Manager

Prof. Goodwin is Visiting Professor in the Centre for Environmental Ergonomics, Loughborough University and Chief Scientist, Age UK. 

The mission of the charity, one of the largest in the UK, is to improve the lives of older people.  Age UK funds and commissions a large portfolio of research on ageing and specialises in translating knowledge into tangible benefits for later life.

Dr Goodwin has been a member of numerous expert bodies, including a UK Ministerial Advisory Group on Research, the UN Research Agenda for Ageing panel, the UN Digital Health Group, a WHO Advisory Group and led the user involvement element of the EC funded FUTURAGE project. 


Qualified person:

Prof. James Goodwin



Gerjan Navis  is Internist-Nephrologist at the UMCG Groningen, and professor of Experimental Nephrology (2000) and as of 2015 holds the endowed chair in Nutrition in Medicine, as part of the Healthy Ageing Program of the UMCG.

She is former president of the Dutch Hypertension Society, current member of the Dutch Health Council, and  chair of the Scientific Board of the Dutch Kidney Foundation.

She heads a multidisciplinary research group that pursues integration of Healthy Ageing concepts in clinical medicine. She (co-) authored > 500 peer-reviewed papers (H-index 71) and > 30 book chapters.


Qualified person:

Gerjan Navis


Tizin develops, together with medical en other technical partners, innovative mobile solutions in the MHealth arena.


Qualified person:

Tamme Minnema



The Charles University in Prague (CUNI) is an autonomous public University with 16 faculties in the Czech Republic. First Faculty of Medicine provides undergraduate studies (medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, health care management, etc.) as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies and  University of the Third Age courses.

Its scientific output and outstanding academic education profile ranks First Faculty of Medicine among the most prestigious educational institutions in the country.

Social and clinical gerontology education and research is realized through Department of Geriatrics. This site serves as research and teaching centre in geriatric medicine, geriatric nursing, elderly care and gerontology in the country and is involved in clinical and health service research. The centre is a member of the IAGG Global Aging Research Network.


Qualified person:

Prof. Eva Topinková, MD

PhD Full Professor of Internal Medicine/Geriatrics and Public Health Head

Porto4Ageing consortium brings together over 80 organizations, the large majority of them being established within the Porto Metropolitan Area, in the Northern Region of Portugal. The partnership is built upon the quadruple helix approach – it involves different stakeholders, which are in good position to drive structural changes far beyond the scope any one organization could achieve on its own and to innovate and experiment in real world settings. Each organization contributes actively to the overall goal of citizens' needs.


Qualified person:

Elisio Manuel de Sousa Costa

Professor on the Department of Biological Sciences

Scientific coordinator of Porto4ageing EIPonAHA reference site.

Susanna Esposito is an Italian leading expert on vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases who has coordinated several guidelines and Consensus documents on vaccine use in different groups of patients.

She is Professor at the University of Milan and is currently President of the World Association for Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders (WAidid), that represents a network between the Scientific Societies specialized in infectious and immunological diseases involving all the different organ specialists who treat neonates, children, adults and the elderly.


Qualified person:

Prof. Susanna Esposito